Saturday, October 31, 2009

0 Game - The R.E.D Album (Artwork)

0 Jay-Z Reacts To Beanie Sigel's Diss Record

Jay-Z answers Beanie Sigel from la rue du hiphop on Vimeo.

While at a press conference in Montreal, Hov took the time to address Beanie Sigel's Diss Record and accusations of not promoting him.......

Props La rue du hip hop

0 Wiz Khalifa - When U Find

off Wiz's upcoming "Burn After Rolling" Mixtape dropping 11/02/09

Props HHU

Thursday, October 29, 2009

0 Saigon Ft. Marsha Ambrosius - “It’s Alright” (Produced By Just Blaze & Kanye West)

This track was supposed to be on the "Greatest Story Never Released Told courtesy of Dre

Saigon Ft. Marsha Ambrosius - “It’s Alright”

1 Lo Smooth Ft. Kia Shine - Hottest Rapper In The World (Music Video)

Directed by Mills Miller

0 J. Cole Interview W/ DJBooth (Talks Producing,College + Touring with Jay-Z)

Via Email:
In an exclusive interview with, J. Cole steps into the Booth to discuss taking the stage alongside his legendary label boss for the first time, the pros and cons of being a beatsmith as well as an emcee and his unorthodox approach to phone bills and student loan payments

DJ Booth: Obviously, as we both can agree, Jay is a legend in the game, but very
few of his protégés have ever lived up to the hype that preceded them. What
prompted you to sign with the Roc and, to this point, do you feel any pressure
to deliver results?

J. Cole: Yep, I took those things into account.
‘Cause Jay-Z’s shadow is so big, it would be hard for anybody to come out of
that. But I’m the type of person where, A., I look at things as challenges, I
like challenges and, B., I truly believe that you determine your own destiny. An
opportunity is an opportunity, and one of that magnitude would be dumb to pass
up, especially when I truly believe that I make my path and I set my course, and
where I land, at the end of the day, or the end of my career, [is] because of
me. Of course, you get help along the way, and cosigns and management and
opportunities and things like that but overall, the ball is in your court
basically. In terms of pressure, I used to say I didn’t feel any pressure ‘cause
I really wasn’t thinkin’ about it, but now that I’m thinkin’ about it, it’s like
a good pressure. I feel the type of pressure that a strong-minded first pick in
a draft would feel. ‘Cause I feel like a first pick in a draft could either be
like, “Damn, I’m the first pick! I don’t wanna mess up! I don’t wanna f*ck this
up, they invested a lot of money in me!” or he could be like, “Yeah, I’m the
first round pick, ‘cause I worked so hard to be the first round pick. Now I’m
gonna show you why I’m the first pick.”

DJ Booth: J., the list of well-known emcees to attend college and actually graduate is not very long. I polled all of my Twitter followers, all 9,800-plus of them, and we came up with Chuck D , Nappy Roots , David Banner , Kidz in the Hall, and a few others. Would you be in the position that you’re in right now without that degree from St. John’s?

J. Cole: Nah – that was my ticket. St. John’s was my way to be
in New York. I had no other business being up there. Like, I probably wouldn’t
have survived if it wasn’t for bein’ able to stay in dorms, and bein’ able to
use college loans to get my apartment, and just stay afloat in New York City.
But I believe that anything’s possible. I used to think I couldn’t have made it
back home, but now I know, knowin’ what I know about the world and how it works,
I know I could’ve stayed home and found a way to get on. But, you know, college
had a great deal to do with my development as a person. I don’t know if I’d be
the artist I was if it wasn’t for goin’ to school like that. School is a good
place – it ain’t for everybody, but I think it’s for most people.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

0 50 Cent Ft. Eminem– Psycho + So Disrespectful (Dissing Game and Young Buck )

New Leaks of BISD courtesy of Onsmash

0 DJ Khaled ft. Usher, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross & Drake - Fed Up

0 Gucci Mane - The State vs. Radric Davis (Cover Art)

Here is the cover art for Gucci Mane's first ever major label release entitled:
"The State vs. Radric Davis"
. Dropping Decemburrrr 8th! Burrr!!

0 Mike Posner And Big Sean On Carson Daly

The homie yardie came through with this footage which aired last night of Mike Posner's first ever TV debut performing his song "Cooler Than Me" with special guest Big Sean, which is a really big look congrats to them. Also, you can click here to download Mike's "One Foot Out The Door Mixtape" featuring Kid Cudi,Big Sean, 3oh3, Bun B, Saigon and more

1 Lil Wayne - No Ceilings (MIxtape)

Lil Wayne's "No Ceilings" Mixtape has leaked a few days early, so I don't even have the official cover art for it.....but enjoy for now, I'll probably re-up it later.. Hustlegrl just came throught with the official cover
Track List:

01. Swag Surfin
02. Ice Cream Paint Job
03. D.O.A.
04. Interlude
05. Wasted
06. Watch My Shoes
07. Break Up Ft. Short Dawg & Gudda Gudda
08. Banned From TV
09. Throw It In The Bag
10. I Think I Love Her Ft. Tyga & Shanell
11. Interlude 2 Ft. Shanell
12. Wetter
13. Im Good Ft. Lucci Lou
14. Make Her Say Ft. Jae Millz
15. Run This Town
16. I Gotta Feeling
17. Outro

Click Here To Download

Props Mixfeed

0 BET Hip-Hop Award Cyphers 2009 (Feat Eminem, Joe Budden, Nicki Minaj, Mos Def, Wale and More!)

Click "Continue Entry" For The Other Cypher Video's

Nicki Minaj, Joe Budden, Buckshot, Crown Royyal & DJ Premier

KRS-One, Wale, Nipsey Hussle, Gsan & DJ Premier

Props Dre

0 Jay Electronica - Exhibit C (Prod. by Just Blaze)

0 Mike Posner – One Foot Out the Door (Mixtape)

Track List:
01 One Foot Out the Door
02 I Don’t Trust Myself
03 Traveling Man [Snippet]
04 You Don’t Have to Leave
05 Cooler Than Me (Gigamesh Remix)
06 Don’t Trust Me (Benny Blanco Remix) f. KiD CuDi & 3OH!3
07 Kiss Me Thru the Phone f. Saigon
08 Red Button
09 Bring Me Down f. Big Sean & Freddie Gibbs
10 Mirror’s Edge f. Bun B
11 Speed of Sound f. Big Sean
12 Close the Door f. Clinton Sparks

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

0 Chris Brown Ft. Lil Wayne & Swizz Beatz “I Can Transform Ya” (Music Video)

Chris Brown's comeback single............

0 "Before I Self Destruct" The Movie (Official Trailer)

Before_I_Self_Destruct @ Yahoo! Video

Here is the official trailer for Before I Self Destruct the movie, which will be included with 50 Cent's album "Before I Self Destruct" In stores Nov 23rd.......still can get over 50 bringing the braids back.

0 Behind The Scenes of Lil Wayne's NEW "No Ceilings" Mixtape

spotted @ RR

Monday, October 26, 2009

0 Wale Ft. John Mayer - Letter

Props Karen Civil

0 Triple C’s Ft. Young Jeezy - Erryday (Music Video)

0 Drake Talks "Thank Me Later "and "Fear" W/ Shockhound

Shockhound recently caught up with Drake to discuss his plans for his debut album, "Thank Me Later" and the story behind his song "Fear", which appears of the retail version of So Far Gone:

SHOCKHOUND: "Fear" was a solid new addition to the retail version of So Far Gone. What's the story behind the song?

DRAKE: "Fear" actually started before I did the So Far Gone mixtape even. I basically began with this record produced by DJ Khalil, and the beat and the way the strings cry tugged at me emotionally. I knew I needed to live a lot more before I could do the music justice. With that being said, I did one-and-a-half verses and quit. I had stopped after I said this line, "I never cried when Pac died, but I probably will when Hov does." I took a break after that because I didn't know where to go from there, and my story wasn't complete yet. I didn't have the song title. I didn't have the hook. I didn't know where I was going with it. I just knew I had a place to start, so I let it sit for six to eight months. It was my choice to put new material on the So Far Gone EP. I thought I could finally finish "Fear" then…I felt like I was ready to finish off those thoughts. I continued the second verse and finished the third verse, which is kind of dedicated to the people around me and what we've been going through as of late. Then I came up with this hook that was like, "Please don't be scared of me." That song is very reflective of where I'm at right now.

SHOCKHOUND: Is "Fear" the best indication of what Thank Me Later will sound like?

DRAKE: Yeah, I think so. Lyrically, I want to keep the album as genuine and honest as "Fear" is, but musically there will be a little more energy. There will be more moments of triumph, because my life is the best it's ever been in my 22 years of existence. I want my music to reflect that, but I still want to be able to relate and connect with people. It's a good indication. There will obviously be some variation — not every track is going to sound like that. I was actually going to save "Fear" for the album, but I wanted to give people another reason to buy the EP. In addition to having an official hard copy of So Far Gone, I wanted to give people something new, so that was my sacrifice.

SHOCKHOUND: Do you feel like you dig a little bit deeper than most mainstream rappers do? Your lyrics are extremely personal, but the music possesses a pop sensibility. You're giving the world something that's special to you in palatable form.

DRAKE: I appreciate that compliment. My goal and objective with music is to combine all the elements that I loved about music growing up. I love listening to songs from artists where I really feel like they're getting personal and exposing their lives. One song I always felt a lot of emotions from was "Lucille" by Anthony Hamilton. I remember the feeling I got from that, because it seemed like he was really telling a story. Even though he's not telling me all about his life, I'm able to mentally picture where he's at, what the bar looks like and what the woman looks like. He evokes emotion in individuals and provides them with vivid imagery where they can use their imaginations. I like to combine that storytelling style with great melodies and intelligent hooks that you remember. I love to do that, and it's working.

0 Jamie Foxx Airs Out Plies As A Fake Gangster On Foxxhole Radio

0 Keri Hilson - "I Like" (CDQ)

0 Plies and Polow Da Don In The Studio Making "Medicine"

Props Dajaz

0 Its The Real: Re-Up Harangue

Re-Up Harangue from jeff on Vimeo.

0 Soulja Boy Ft. Drake - Play Ball (Prod. By Boi-1da)

Friday, October 23, 2009

0 Redman Talks W/ the.LIFE Files

Redman Talks The New Jersey Rap Scene! from the.LIFE Files on Vimeo.

The Life Files recently caught up with Redman while he was on set shooting a music video for his song "Coc Back". Redman speaks on pretty much all things Jersey, from Conan O Brien and Mayor Cory Booker's beef to the Joe Budden and Wu-tang controversy and also speaks on his favorite upcoming artists from the city.

0 Mike Posner Ft Wale – Drug Dealer Girl (Remix)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

0 50 Cent - Crime Wave (Mini Movie )

0 Lil Wayne “Wasted” & “Swag Surfin” Freestyles

Here are two fresh freestyles of Lil Wayne's upcoming "No Ceilings" mixtape courtesy of Mr.X

0 Cory Gunz MTV Reality Show "Son Of a Gun" (Teaser)

This is the exclusive first look at a new Ncredible television show for MTV about the life of the young virtuoso CORY GUNZ. His flow, his life, and the way the show is shot is very cinematic. You've never seen a reality television series like this. Directed by yours truly aka Nicholas Scorsese. We about to once again, in the words of my man Kanye "Run MTV Mamma"!

0 Timbaland Ft Keri Hilson & Jay-Z - Rumors

I don't think this is off Shock Value 2, I'm guessing this may be a left over track from the "More Than A Game Soundtrack", because they shout out Lebron Jame at the end....nonetheless enjoy!

0 "Takers" (Movie Trailer Starring T.I Chris Brown and Idris Elba)

A notorious group of criminals continue to baffle police by pulling off perfectly executed bank robberies. They are in and out like clockwork, leaving no evidence behind and laying low in between heists. But when they attempt to pull off one last job with more money at stake than ever before, the crew may find their plans interrupted by a hardened detective who is hell-bent on solving the case.

0 Lil Wayne Pleads Guilty To Weapons Charges

Via TMZ:

Lil Wayne has just pled guilty to attempted weapon possession in New York. Wayne was busted on July 22, 2007 in NYC after police pulled over his tour bus because they allegedly smelled pot.

Cops say when an officer approached the bus, Wayne tossed a Louis Vuitton bag with a gun inside.

New York is known for having extremely tough gun laws -- Wayne is expecting to get 1-year behind bars.

Wayne's troubles are far from over.

The rapper still faces felony drug possession and weapons charges in Arizona ... after cops found 105 grams of marijuana, 29 grams of cocaine, 41 grams of ecstasy, various drug paraphernalia and a handgun on his tour bus during a traffic stop in Yuma County back in 2008.

Wayne pled not guilty to those charges -- his trial is set for March of 2010.

0 Dave Chappelle Speaks On "The Secret" at The Laugh Factory 10/19/09

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

0 50 Cent - Crime Wave (Off "Before I Self Destruct") + Interview W/ Complex Mag

50 Cent - Crime Wave (Prod. By Team Demo)

Also, Check Out Fiddy's recent interview with Complex, where he speaks on everything from "Before I Self Destruct", tensions with Dr. Dre, how he destroyed Fat Joe's career, Gucci Mane and the G-Unit head honcho also throws a couple of shots at Jay-Z.
Here's A snippet of the interview:

Complex: You originally had problems with Jadakiss because he did a song with Ja Rule. How would you feel if, after this concert, he went out and did a song with someone like Rick Ross?

50 Cent: You know what? Check this out. I have an issue with anyone who’s trying to keep someone who I deem my enemy in a good position. Where I’m from, if you have an issue with one guy and someone keeps standing next to them, just hit him too. Just kill him too. It’s just the way I use my gut. I use my moral compass to tell me when to go in on somebody. I dealt with that, it doesn’t make sense for me to continue to beat that dead horse. When the artist that I intended to destroy has completely been destroyed, why would I be bothering him? I could tell you as soon as I wrote “Piggy Bank” what was going to happen.

Complex: How so?

50 Cent: I knew Fat Joe’s pride would bring him out first, even if he wasn’t in the position to win. And he would go and go and go because he has the tough-guy aura. He’s tougher in his head than he is in reality, as far as his Don Cartagena shit is concerned. It feels great because everybody’s paying attention to them and talking on the radio about them. Mind you, while they’re going out and doing all of this talking, I’m just chilling. I’ll send them out like they’re a rap fan so they can market me. So everywhere they go, nobody cares about your record or what you’re doing. The number one question is “So what’s up with you and 50?” They’re not smart enough to come up with a new disrespectful way to talk to me because I’ve heard everything you could fucking think of. Then I move away because I’m competing with another artist, and the spotlight moves with me because I’m actually creating the material and generating the interest. So when I move to do that, you’re in darkness…to the point where you drop your album sales to 8,000 copies.

Complex: Shifting gears, in your VH1 Behind The Music episode, there was a part that talked about Diddy taking a meeting with you, and him getting shook because you brought a gun to the office…

50 Cent: This is what happened. Jennifer Lopez told Puffy that I was a great writer because Corey Rooney signed me to Columbia Records. Jennifer had been exposed to my material, so she told Puff she thinks I’m somebody he should work with. I came down to write and I was in there writing a couple of joints and Puff left the actual room. There was rustling and rambling at the door and shit like that. I jumped up—when you get hurt as bad as I got hurt, either your fear consumes you or you become insensitive. So I jumped up and figured “as you come through the door, I’ll shoot your ass down right there in the door.” The paranoia heightens your senses. You start to see every little detail, every little thing. You don’t want to miss anything and have it turn out there’s someone shooting you again. When I heard the rambling outside, I jumped up, I had a Mac-10 on me. Pulled the joint out and Puff came in and looked, said, “Oh shit, I can’t do this.”As a matter fact, it was Shyne and Wolf, wrestling outside. Puff was going through that actual case when he called me in to write and I’m in his office with a Mac-10. He was like, “I can’t do that.” After the fact, I looked at it and was like, That’s a legitimate call.

0 Mike Posner & Big Sean Interview W/ The Press Play Show

Christopher Truth + Mike Posner + Big Sean from Christopher Truth on Vimeo.

Christopher Truth of "The Press Play Show" talks with Mike Posner + Big Sean after their performance at Austin City Limits. They talk about balancing school/music, social media, learning from Kanye West, their labels and more.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

1 Kanye West - "We Were Once A Fairytale" (Short Film Directed By Spike Jonze)

"We Were Once A Fairytale" - Kanye West Dir: Spike Jonze from Yooj‽ on Vimeo.

In the film, Kanye plays himself drunk at a club acting belligerent and boastful, telling starstruck club-goers that the song playing in the club is his. He wanders into a side room where he encounters a beautiful woman. They start having sex and then he passes out on her leopard print dress. When he comes to, he finds himself in the VIP room with his pants down – he was hallucinating and fucking the pillow. The realization startles him and he rushes to the bathroom where he vomits what look like rose petals.

Then it gets weird.

Kanye finds a bowie knife in the bathroom and cuts into his stomach, spilling a torrent of more petals. He digs in the knife deeper and then with his hand rips out a small furry rodent, like a demon, only its quite cute. When Kanye realizes it’s connected to him with an umbilical cord, he pulls it hard, ripping it out of him for good. He then puts the demon on the sink and hands him a tiny bowie knife to fit the critter’s scale who then uses it to commit hari kari.

Spotted @ NR

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

0 Kid Cudi Joins Lady GaGa Tour

Via XXL:
Lady GaGa is going to go ahead with her tour with or without Kanye West. The ecclectic pop singer has announced that she’s going to go on tour with the XXL Freshman alum Kid Cudi.

GaGa made an official announcement about the tour today (October 15): “Due to diligent work and preparation, The Monster Ball will begin on November 27 in Montreal. The Monster Ball is a multimedia artistic experience in the style of the first-ever ‘pop electro opera.’”

The opening tour date (Nov. 27) conincides with the release of GaGa’s deluxe double album The Fame: Monster. The tour is scheduled to make stops in Boston, Camden, Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Orlando, St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, and Atlantic City along with five stops in Canada. It will end January 21 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Miami will host the New Year’s Eve show.

GaGa originally planned to co-headline The Fame Kills tour with Kanye West but the it was cancelled abruptly and without explanation. –Brooklyne Gipson

0 UGK Ft Slim Thug & Killa Kyleon-She Luv It (Remix)

0 Lil Boosie - Mind Of A Maniac (Music Video)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

0 Mike Posner -One Foot Out The Door (Episode 2)

"One Foot Out The Door" Episode 2: Wale, Virginia Tech, and Benny Blanco from Mike Posner on Vimeo.

In the second episode of Mike Posner’s web series One Foot Out The Door, Mike heads back to his second week at Duke University just in time to share the stage with Wale and his band after rocking a party at Emory the day before. Before he can even unpack, Mike hits the road with 10 of his closest friends from Duke and heads to a massive outdoor party at Virginia Tech, joined by his partner-in-crime, superproducer Benny Blanco. Watch as Mike and Benny rock for hundreds of VTech students before the police shut the party down, and then make a speedy escape that includes an impromptu game of trashketball.

0 Wiz Khalifa - This Plane

Rostrum Records, Frank Radio, and iHipHop Distribution are proud to announce the upcoming release of Wiz Khalifa’s “Deal Or No Deal.” The album will be available in stores and online November 24th.

After leaving Warner Bros. Records in July, Wiz’s career has continued to take off independently. This past summer he released a now classic mixtape, “Flight School,” and teamed up with Curren$y for the “How Fly” project. He has toured relentlessly and has continued to connect with his ever-growing fanbase in new and innovative ways.

“Deal Or No Deal” is a new 15-track album that displays Wiz’s growth and progression as a world-class MC. Contributing producers include E. Dan, Josh Everette, Ryan M. Tedder, Johnny Juliano and Sledgren. Wiz also enlists Curren$y, Kev Da Hustla, Lavish, and Josh Everette as featured guest artists.

Wiz will continue to tour throughout the year with upcoming stops in Indiana, New York City, Philadelphia, Houston, Los Angeles, and additional cities to be announced soon. You can see him live in concert at Southpaw in Brooklyn, NY, October 20th at CMJ week.

The first single off Deal Or No Deal will be “This Plane,” which you can download below!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

0 Timbaland Talks Shock Value 2 And Beaterator (Says He Used It To Make Jay-Z's "Venus vs. Mars")

Timbo called in to Green Lantern's Invasion Radio to Talk about his new album "Shock Value 2". He says Drake will probably have the 2nd single and he worked with an eclectic list of artists, including Miley Cyrus. Timbaland also talks about his Beaterator Video game for PSP and says he produced Jay-Z's "Venus Vs. Mars" and a slew of SV2 tracks using it.

Props RR

1 B.G - My Hood (Prod. by Mannie Fresh)

Former Cash Money brethren, B.G and Mannie Fresh reunite for this cut off B.G's
"Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood" Album dropping 12/08/09

Props Eskay

0 JR Writer Shot In The Bronx; Speaks To XXL Regarding the Incident

Via XXL:
Last Saturday (October 10) Dipset rapper JR Writer was involved in a shooting that led to him getting hit in the leg. While recovering the Harlem MC spoke to about the incident via email.

According to Writer, he was attacked by two men around 10 p.m unprovoked. “I was in front of the studio I been recording out of for the past three months in the Bronx, when two bum ass niggaz stepped to me and a couple of my dudes with guns,” he wrote. “For what? I still have no idea.”

Writer says that the men were not trying to steal any of his possessions. “They wasn’t trying to rob nuthin’, they looked more like they was going to kill something,” he continued. “None of us was strapped, we actually thought we was in a low spot in the BX. On top of that we been coming there for the past three months with no problems working on my album and new mixtape.”

The Diplomat almost played dead after he was shot to avoid anymore conflict. “When we saw the look on his face and heard him say ‘now what, what now’ it sounded more like a beef then anything else so we got up out of there,” he said. “That’s when he let off two shots our way, which, one of the shots hit me and I dropped. He then starting shooting at my peoples and running towards them. When I saw that I was gonna play dead but I said ‘Hell no’ and picked myself up and got across the street where my nigga Plat was running back towards my way. The shooter looks back and sees me limpin’ across the street with my nigga Plat and starts runnin’ towards us like he was going to finish me off till he heard police sirens and ran off.”

0 Behind The Music: 50 Cent

Part 1

Part 2

Props MWP

0 Wale Ft. Pharrell - Inhibitions

New Wale, Not On Attention Deficit, which is dropping October 20th, November 3rd.

Wale Ft. Pharrell - Inhibitions

0 Three Six Mafia Interview W/ Dj Booth

Via Email:
In an exclusive interview with, Juicy J steps into the Booth to discuss his own personal Laws of Power, why the hardcore fanbase continues to be a vital factor in Three 6’s success and what it will take to finally get DJ Paul on the phone.

"I grew up from nothing. It was like, in my family there were six people livin ’ in a two-bedroom apartment. You know, rats and roaches in the hood, gunshots every night – I know what it feels like to be straight broke, nothing fits right, close to homeless. I understand all that. That’s my background, so in my mind I can’t be like, “Oh, I’m sick of this, I’m tired of people knowin’ who I am!” I’d actually be killing my blessing by saying that. I would never do that. If a person is thinking like that he should be ashamed of himself". -Juicy J

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

0 9th Wonder and DJ Khalil In The Studio

0 Richie Wess Ft Drake & Yung Dred - Play Ball

While this seems to be a leaked song which the other two MC's hopped on, this is still one the best Drake Verses I have heard in a minute...His delivery is crazy on this one!!!

Richie Wess Ft Drake & Yung Dred - Play Ball

Shouts To X

0 Big Boi Ft. Gucci Mane - Shine Blockas

0 J. Cole - “A Star Is Born” (Part 1)

J Cole - A Star Is Born Documentary Part 1 from Chris Knotti on Vimeo.

Karen Civil and Chris Knotti team up to present a four part series chronicling The Rise of future hip-hop star and Jay-Z protegee', J. Cole.

0 Kanye West's "Pastelle" Line Scrapped; Will Never Be Released

According to the good folks over at Highsnobiety, Kanye's plans to release his clothing line "Pastelle" have been scrapped:
"Earlier today we posted some images from the long-rumored Pastelle by Kanye West collection. Although pieces have been seen worn by Kanye West during several public appearances (such as the 2008 AMA Awards), Pastelle will never be released. That’s right. We’ve received official word that Pastelle will not be coming out. Ever. That said, Kanye West will release a collection under his own name in the near future. Stay tuned".
Here are a few pics of what woulda been............

0 Lil Boosie Ft. Yo Gotti, Trae, Bun B & Foxx – Better Believe It (Remix) (

Saturday, October 10, 2009

0 Young Money In Amsterdam (Day 1)


0 Gucci Mane & DJ Drama –The Burrprint (Mixtape)

Track List

01. Intro
02. Dope Boys
03. Frowney Face
04. Watch Cost A Bentley (Feat. Bun B & Rocko)
05. Think I Want Her
06. Yelp, I Got All Of That
07. Trap Goin Crazy
08. Gucci Speaks
09. My Shadow
10. Gucci Speaks
11. Real As They Get (Feat. OJ Da Juiceman & Wacka Flocka Flame)
12. Excuse Me
13. More (Feat. Kandi & Sean Ceasar)
14. Gucci Speaks
15. Candy Lady
16. Candy Lady (Remix) (Feat. Brick Squad)
17. No No No
18. Foreign (Feat. Shawty Redd)
19. Flexin (Feat. Brick Squad)
20. My Chain (Feat. Brick Squad)

Click Here To Download

props To Onsmash

0 Wale - "Fly Away"

This shit Go!!!!!!!!